Library of Libraries

Twist Biopharma has leveraged Twist Bioscience’s precise and massively parallel DNA synthesis technology to create the Library of Libraries, an unprecedented collection of synthetic antibody libraries that harnesses innovative structural and developability features to cover a wide range of antibody drug targets. Where discovery companies typically offer a single library, our experienced antibody discovery and engineering team has designed and constructed over 15 synthetic libraries to enable discovery of high-affinity druglike antibodies, often without the need for affinity maturation. Each library contains up to 1010 antibodies in proven and highly developable human antibody frameworks across Fab, scFv, and VHH scaffolds. The Library of Libraries is rapidly expanding and offers highly diverse library choices, such as our VHH Library Series and Hyperimmune Library Series, as well as libraries specifically targeting hard-to-drug target classes like GPCRs, ion channels, and carbohydrates.