Access diverse and precisely defined synthetic antibody libraries and synthetic genes

Discover and optimize high quality antibody drugs in a time and resource efficient manner

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Providing end-to-end solutions in biologic drug discovery and early development

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Twist mAb technology focuses on effective sequence space

Antibody characterization

  • Affinity
  • Receptor-ligand assays

In-vitro functional assay

Developability assessment

Lead Identification

Affinity maturation: Powered by Twist Antibody Optimization (TAO) libraries

Druggability optimization by TAO

CHO stable pools to enable predevelopment activities

Lead Optimization

Next-generation naive synthetic antibody libraries, liability-free, inspired by natural repertoire

  • Highly diverse
  • Precisely defined
  • Proprietary and unique

Unprecedented Synthetic

Antibody Libraries

Explore mutation space from parent reference sequence & germline using natural LCDR1-3 and HCDR1-2 sequences derived from NGS data

Exclude liabilities and customer-identified sequences

Increase affinity and improve developability

Unmatched Twist Antibody Optimization (TAO) Platform

for Lead Optimization

GPCR Antibody Library: Unlock & enable the discovery of antibodies to this difficult target class

Our 1st Target-Class Specific Lead Identification Library

Additional Libraries

VHH Nanobody and other scaffolds

"Target-class" specific libraries: Ion channels and transporters

Smart "Target" specific libraries generated utilizing:

1) Modeling tools and existing target crystal structures

2) NGS data derived from target immunized mice

Human Hyperimmune and Immunome Libraries: Fully synthetic naive libraries based on human NGS data

(In Progress)


The Twist Antibody Optimization platform enables high-throughput, high-quality biophysical characterization of high-affinity, functional humanized antibodies

The Twist High-Throughput Antibody Discovery platform identifies functional antibodies against GPCR targets within a few months


Twist Biopharma provides end-to-end solutions in

biologic drug discovery and early development

Unlock the discovery of antibodies to this difficult target class

Quickly generate high-diversity, high quality molecules inspired by the human repertoire

Dive into Twist Biopharma's technologies and find out how you can elevate your research.

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Generate new leads against any GPCR

Optimize existing leads

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